A little over a month before the elections and in line with the plan “little silver in the pockets” of the people, the governor of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora, announced this Tuesday, October 12, payment of a bonus of 90 thousand pesos in three installments for all employees of the provincial public administration, as well as a 57% salary increase which will begin to be charged in January.

The benefit to state employees is given less than a month for the national mid-term legislative elections, although in Santiago del Estero is also elected governor (Zamora will go for another term), vice and provincial deputies.

IFE and retirement bonus, the announcements that come in the ‘Plan Platita’

The Payment of the bonus will be paid in three installments of 30 thousand each and the first was paid this Thursday, while the remaining two will be on November 10 and December 9.

Zamora also indicated that “with the salary of January 2022, which is paid the same month, an increase will be implemented that was agreed with the Dialogue and Labor Table of 57%”, which will reach about 55 thousand state workers who work in permanent plant or as contracted.

Gerardo Zamora at Perfil publishing house during an interview with Jorge Fontevecchia. PHOTO: Juan Obregón.

The Santiago governor also indicated that the half bonus will be paid on December 21, while the salary, corresponding to that month, will be on December 29.

Zamora will run for the November 14 elections in formula with his current vice, Carlos Silva Neder, for his fourth term and the second consecutive, and also is running as a candidate for alternate national deputy to draw up the list of the Civic Front.

The ‘Platita Plan’ does not finish feeling in the pockets before the elections

In the STEP, the ruling Civic Front obtained 55% of the votes in the province, scoring more than 40 points from the second and in case of obtaining similar figures, he will keep the three national senators’ seats at stake.

Unlike other provinces where the national government seeks to rebuild its image in the face of the generals after the harsh defeat in the PASO, in Santiago del Estero Peronism achieved a massive triumph. With this objective, the Government launches economic measures one month before the elections, what was called in the political world as the “silver plan.”


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