Playoffs: Astros knock out White Sox and go against Boston!

By Yirsandy Rodríguez

The history of Game 3 did not repeat itself.

The Houston Astros were back in control: Lance McCullers Jr. threw a dominant four-inning start, the bullpen guaranteed the rest of the job and Carlos Correa returned to hit a key hit, to lead the success 10-1 on Tuesday. and eliminate the Chicago White Sox in the ALDS.

At the start of the ninth, when the White Sox fans had run out of hope at Guaranteed Rate Field, Jose Altuve handed down his sentence with a three-run blast at 416-ft deep into leftfield.

The Astros will discuss the American League championship against the Red Sox!

The White Sox offense was unable to advance beyond Gavin Sheets, who opened the score with a solo homer off McCullers Jr. late in the second inning.

That was just a flash, though, though Sheets hit a double off McCullers Jr. on his next turn: But after three laps in seven innings, the rest of the lineup came together to put just one running back in scoring position.

In his long-awaited start, which was postponed on Monday due to rain, left-hander Carlos Rodón took the mound of Guaranteed Rate Field with the mission of advancing in the challenge. The White Sox needed an opening that would at least allow them to unleash their offense, but neither powerhouse kicked in. After an impressive first meeting against the Astros lineup, Rodón got into trouble.

After striking out Martín Maldonado opening the third inning, Rodón threw a ball at Altuve, an opportunity that the Astros quickly exploited. Altuve stole second, and Rodón went haywire, throwing walks against Alex Bregman and Yordan Álvarez. Rodón then put Carlos Correa on two strikes. His first two pitches were pair of fastballs at 97 mph.

Correa fouled the first pitch and let the second sing. At 0-2, Rodón tried again to challenge him with another fastball, but Correa was prepared. He swung his bat deftly, furiously pulling the 97 mph pitch, and returned it to 99 mph, nailing a two-run RBI double.

In one fell swoop, the Astros were back on producing after two outs, and they went ahead, 2-1.

With just 56 pitches and 14 batters facing off, Rodón was replaced by White Sox manager Tony La Russa, but this time the bullpen came nowhere near reissuing the dominance of his 16 consecutive outs and 14 strikeouts in Game 3.

In the fourth episode, Michael Kopech endured three earned, after a hit from Kyle Tucker — who later stole second and third —, an RBI shot from Martín Maldonado and a double from Alex Bregman.

Two innings later, in the sixth, Michael Brantley hit a single off Ryan Tepera, who hours earlier had made strong statements about the Astros “sign stealing.”

Brantley added another trailer in the eighth.

After McCullers Jr.’s controversial exit after four dominant innings, the Astros bullpen pitched five consecutive zeros, with just two hits allowed and four strikeouts.


Astros vs. Red Sox again! The rematch Houston had hoped for since Boston eliminated them in the American League Championship Series in just five games during the 2018 playoffs.




Altuve (2, Rodón); Correa (2, Rodón); Bregman (1, Crochet)


Altuve (1, 9th inning off Hendriks 2 on, 2 Out)


Brantley 2 (4), Maldonado (1), Altuve 3 (3), Correa 2 (4), Bregman 2 (4)

2Out RBI:

Brantley, Altuve (3), Correa (2), Bregman (2)



RISP Team:

6-19 (Brantley 2-4, Maldonado 1-2, Altuve 1-2, Correa 1-2, Bregman 1-3, Tucker 0-1, Gurriel 0-1, Alvarez 0-2, McCormick 0-2)

Team LOB:




Brantley (1, 2nd base off Kimbrel / Grandal); Altuve (1, 2nd base off Rodón / Grandal); Tucker 2 (2, 3rd base off Kopech / Grandal, 2nd base off Kopech / Grandal)



2 (Correa-Altuve-Gurriel , Altuve-Correa-Gurriel)



Abreu (by Graveman)

First-pitch strikes/Batters Faced:

McCullers Jr. 16/18; Y. García 2/3; Pressly 4/4; Stanek 0/1; Graveman 4/4; Thug 4/6

Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In play strikes:

McCullers Jr.-16-9-9-10; Y. García-2-4-6-2; Pressly-2-1-6-3; Stanek-1-0-0-1; Graveman-2-3-2-3; Bully-2-5-8-4

Ground Balls-Fly Balls:

McCullers Jr. 4-1; Y. García 2-0; Pressly 2-0; Stanek 1-0; Graveman 2-1; Thug 1-2

Game Scores:

L McCullers Jr. 50




Sheets (1, McCullers Jr.)


Sheets (1, 2nd inning off McCullers Jr. 0 on, 1 Out)


Sheets (1)


Abreu; Jimenez

RISP Team:

0-2 (Grandal 0-1, Hernandez 0-1)

Team LOB:




Anderson (1, throw)





Altuve (by Rodón)

First-pitch strikes/Batters Faced:

Kimbrel 3/6; Hendriks 4/7; Tepera 5/6; Rodón 8/14; Kopech 1/5; Bummer 6/7; Crochet 2/3

Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In play strikes:

Kimbrel-6-1-4-5; Hendriks-4-3-7-4; Tepera-4-1-7-6; Rhodon-10-5-15-7; Kopech-2-3-5-5; Bummer-4-3-5-4; Crochet-4-2-0-1

Ground Balls-Fly Balls:

Kimbrel 3-1; Hendriks 1-0; Tepera 2-3; Rodón 1-4; Kopech 2-0; Bummer 1-1

Game Scores:

C Rodon 45


2nd: Sheets homered to center (408 feet). 0-1

3rd: Correa doubled to left, Altuve scored and Bregman scored, Alvarez to third. 2-1

4th: Maldonado singled to center, Tucker scored. 3-1

4th: Bregman doubled to left center, Altuve scored and Maldonado scored. 5-1

6th: Brantley singled to center, McCormick scored. 6-1

8th: Brantley singled to shallow center, Altuve scored. 7-1

9th: Altuve homered to left (416 feet), Tucker scored and McCormick scored. 10-1

(Photo: Houston Astros)

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