Please note if you receive this e-mail in your mailbox: “You are the subject of an investigation into child pornography”

An email is circulating informing people that their names have surfaced in an investigation into child pornography. The header is from the European police service Europol, the letter is signed by the boss of the Brussels police. “Fake news”, it sounds there.

The e-mail has been circulating for several days and says that investigators have fallen into your name during a cyber investigation, looking for child pornography and pedophilia, among other things. That apparently makes many people panic, says the Brussels police.

Because even if the e-mail seems real, if you look closely and read it, you will quickly realize that it is fake.

According to the email, the recipient shared, distributed or exchanged pornographic material and was guilty of child abuse, without violence….

“Nude photos that you sent and received to minors have been intercepted by our cyber police and constitute evidence of your criminal offenses…”, it continues.

You are requested to contact Michel Goovaerts, chief commissioner of the Brussels police as soon as possible. The letter has an email address in France. According to the Brussels police, this should ring a bell with whoever receives the e-mail, although of course not everyone knows that Goovaerts is boss of the Brussels police and not of Europol.

An investigation will be opened within 24 hours of receipt of the e-mail against those who do not respond. That is, “an arrest warrant.”

Your contact details and photo will also be passed on to all child protection organizations and the media for dissemination, it said.

Police services fear that anyone who responds to the e-mail address will be offered a kind of ‘amicable settlement’. That is, depositing money to have the case dismissed. A reader who received the email was offered a payment in bitcoins.

It is recommended that anyone who receives the e-mail should throw it away immediately, as this is not a message from the police who never communicate in such a way about investigations.

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