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Pogba’s comment has garnered nearly 30,000 likes and over 1,000 comments

Players played together for Manchester United |  Credit: Getty Images


Players played together for Manchester United | Credit: Getty Images

Andreas Pereira is one of the most talked about issues related to Flamengo in recent hours, the player broke the fast of more than three years without the red-black carioca scoring goals from foul and even hit a ball on the crossbar and his performance yielded a great repercussion in the nets social media and also in the press.

Last Wednesday, 13, Flamengo won the Juventude by 3 x 1 in a duel that opened the sequence of games of the team in Maracanã. Andreas scored a great free kick, it was a beautiful shot 30 meters from the goal, at a speed of 90km/h, which earned him the title of star player and praise from the team commander.

“It’s a different player. He has a really good hit to the ball. And that will help us a lot. In addition to having a great goal from the foul, due to the trajectory of the ball, he placed another one on the crossbar. It’s important to have this player on the field because it worries the opponent. The opponent will always think twice near the area.”, exalted Renato

In addition to receiving praise from the coach, great athletes such as Lukako also surrendered to Andreas’ great goal, but another comment also drew attention and came from none other than Paul Pogba.

In an Instagram post with the moment of the goal, the former Manchester United teammate praised the move, but took the opportunity to make a charge that drove the red-black fan crazy. “Good! Very good! But I’m still here waiting for my shirts” charged Pogba, in English, in a comment that has already garnered nearly 30,000 likes.

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