The construction of a wall will also include the installation of motion detectors.

Poland is preparing to build a wall to prevent migrants from crossing its border from Belarus, a measure that will be presented in a bill and debated in parliament until Thursday.

The cost of building the wall is estimated at €353 million and will also include the installation of motion detectors.

The proposal, which stipulates that no one can be within 200 meters of the wall, was approved by the Polish nationalist government on Tuesday and justified by “increasing the number of attempts to cross the border”.

Since August, thousands of migrants, mainly from the Middle East and Africa, have tried to cross the border from Belarus into Poland, a country that belongs to the European Union.

According to Brussels, the Belarusian regime deliberately organized this increase in the flow of migrants as retaliation for the European sanctions imposed to penalize Alexander Lukashenko’s regime.

Poland responded by sending thousands of troops to the border and adopting a state of emergency, as well as building a barbed wire fence.

The country was one of 12 states that last week asked Brussels to fund border “barriers” to prevent migrants from entering European Union territory.

The wall project has already been criticized by non-governmental organizations, which accuse the Polish authorities of reacting brutally to the attempted entry of migrants and who warn against a possible “humanitarian catastrophe”, in particular because of the living conditions of the migrants who are forced to wait in the woods and swamps near the border at a time when the cold has already caused victims of hypothermia.

The state of emergency, which prevents journalists and humanitarian organizations from approaching the border, has been particularly controversial in the EU.

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