Police again catch speed demon on e-step: two-wheeler reaches no less than 99 km/h (Meise)

© Police zone KLM

After the raised mopeds, the local police will from now on also check more strictly for electric scooters. During checks this week, two e-scooters were seized that drove no less than three times faster than is legally allowed.

In Mechelen, the police caught a man this week on an electric scooter that could travel 104 kilometers per hour. The man had no driver’s license and the scooter was not insured. The vehicle was impounded.

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But it also happened on Thursday. The KLM police zone (Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Londerzeel and Meise) checked a driver of an electric scooter on Neromstraat in Meise. “We noticed that he was driving past at a high speed. After interception, it turned out that the scooter reached a speed of no less than 99 km/h on the calibrated roller test bench. The vehicle was impounded.”

In both cases, an official report was drawn up and sent to the public prosecutor’s office.

An electric scooter without a seat may never exceed 25 km/h, the law says. If this is nevertheless the case, then it concerns a non-compliant motor vehicle and it is prohibited in traffic.

If the electric scooter has a seat and can be driven faster than 25 km/h, the vehicle is regarded as a class B moped. Then you are obliged to follow the rules of mopeds. That means wearing a helmet, but also that the scooter must be registered and insured and that people have to ride on the road and not on the bike path.

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