Minor had a pistol and money.  (Photo: It's in the Naviraí Media)


Underage partner stole a pickup truck and valuables from the house

By Clayton Neves 20/20/2021 8:56 PM

Minor had a pistol and money. (Photo: It’s in the Naviraí Media)

Six people from a family were rescued by a Military Police team after spending about an hour and aiming at the sight of a pistol during an assault on the house where they lived, in Eldorado. The military seized a 17-year-old teenager who was holding the group hostage.

According to information from the website Tá na Mídia Naviraí, the house was invaded by a minor accompanied by a man. After announcing the robbery, they stole several valuables and a pickup truck parked in the garage.

While the man left the vehicle on his way to Paraguay, the boy stayed at the residence, where he kept the people trapped at gunpoint.

With the information that a possible robbery could be taking place, police went to the property and surrounded the place. To surrender, the teenager used the victims as a human shield.

The case is still under investigation and the police are trying to find the stolen goods.

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