Police officers continue with searches to find criminals who killed father and son - Interior

Work relies on men on land and helicopter; police investigate the motives of the crime

Security forces continue to search for the criminals who killed rural producer Olenir Nunes da Silva and his son Antônio Nunes da Silva. Preliminary information indicated that the crime could be a robbery, which is robbery followed by death.

But father and son could have been executed. The work is being carried out by police officers from the Shock Battalion Teams, an aerial grouping of the Military Police and BOPE (Special Police Operations Battalion) and DOF (Border Operations Department) agents.

The crime happened on the morning of this Friday (14), in Amambai – 351 kilometers from Campo Grande. Police information states that the dynamics of the crime is that Antônio had arrived at the farm before his father.

About 15 minutes later, Olenir, better known as Nego, also arrived at the scene and left the house to fix fences with a farm worker. During this period, the hooded men entered the property and surrendered Antônio, leaving him tied up in a room.

After arresting the victim, the men reportedly headed towards a family Hilux truck, as well as an old F1000. At this time, Olenir was returning to the house and encountered the thieves, exchanging gunfire with both of them.

The rural producer could not resist his injuries and died on the spot, as well as his son, who was also executed by the thieves. After killing the two victims, the men were reportedly seen by a relative of the victims and managed to flee through a wooded area.

According to the MS Em Foco website, the men destroyed part of the farm’s facilities and damaged the radio communication system.

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