Polish environmentalists denounce resumption of logging in Bialowieza forest

Environmental organizations denounced Tuesday the resumption of tree cutting in Bialowieza, the last primary forest in Europe located in eastern Poland, the administration of national forests, however, claiming to act legally.

This forest, classified as World Heritage by Unesco and Natura 2000 site by the EU, underwent major tree cuts imposed in 2016 by the Polish government, which said it wanted to fight the proliferation of xylophagous insects.

In 2018, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) ruled that these cuts were against EU law and asked Poland to suspend them.

The works devastate nature

The work carried out has nothing to do with measures for the protection and protection of nature, on the contrary – they devastate the nature of the forest and are carried out against standards and regulations“, several environmental organizations wrote in a statement on Tuesday.

The Forest District of Browsk (east) confirmed on its website Tuesday the prosecution “work to maintain the continuity of the forest“outside the Unesco protection zone, affirming to act in accordance with the cutting quotas of the forest management plan adopted at the beginning of the year by the ministry.

According to the district, these cuts are aimed at “to obtain a healthy and stable young generation from the forest in the most beneficial way for a given species“.

Ecologists say that the cuts cover plots in which all trees are cut, regardless of the presence of protected species, age and tree species.

Environmentalists also point to the use of heavy machinery that destroys soil and vegetation.

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