Pollutant emissions: The State Government will buy electric or hybrid cars to reduce them

Celaya.- The State Government will begin to buy electric or hybrid cars with the aim of reducing polluting emissions.

This was reported by Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo after the signing of the Clean Air commitment for Guanajuato which was held in Celaya.

As of this signing of the agreement, I will speak with the finance secretary and we will make other decisions such as the next tender for the leasing of vehicles or the purchase of vehicles from the state government, they will have to be electric or hybrid cars ”, he commented in his message .

Diego Sinhue Rodríguez clarified that the purchase of this type of vehicle will be made for various units except those for security or for emergency care.

We still do not have the vehicles that have the conditions and I do not want to put at risk or the life of a person who does not arrive on time because the vehicle did not have power, neither in ambulances, nor in patrols.

The government cars, officials, supervisors and others, we are going to seek that the next tenders that are made from today in the state government are hybrid or electric cars, we have to set an example and start to see how we lower our emission levels ”, He assured.

The state president assured in an interview that a goal of how many vehicles could be purchased has not yet been defined.

A tender has already come out and right now non-electric cars are being delivered, I am talking about the future, as of this day the next tenders will have to be electric or hybrid cars.

The governor noted that it is intended that the state administration be the first in the country to start using electric vehicles.

We are going to evolve, it is a bet that we want to make and be the first state that bets on hybrid or electric cars ”, he said.

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