"Poor Barça", "The sad reality", "Another shower": the Blaugranas castigated by the press after their performance against Bayern

It was Barça’s first real test without Messi. Against Bayern Munich, Koeman’s men have been outclassed to the point where the Spanish media show fatalism in their post-match analyzes.

“It’s like that” titled Mundo Deportivo in one when Sport preferred to opt for “The sad reality”. “It is the rout of a small team unable to frame a strike. The Blaugranas have shown very clearly that they are, currently, very far from the best teams in the Champions League”, went further the daily.

The severe defeat in numbers is the delight of the media in Madrid. “Poor Barça”, writes Marca. “Koeman’s team ended up with a daycare.”

AS also does not spare the residents of Camp Nou. “The new shower. Mike Tyson once said that everyone has a plan against him until he gives the first blow. Barca played against Bayern with a plan. The problem was how Koeman’s team would react from the first slap, which wouldn’t be long in coming. After the first blow, Barca collapsed to lose 3-0 in a match that portrayed the helplessness of a Barça team who, in an attempt to catch up, ended up betting on the youth.”

In Germany, the Bild indicates in one that “Barça are no match for Bayern” before continuing with his analysis. “The Catalans, who played in the Champions League for the first time since the signing of Lionel Messi at PSG, posed no threat and Manuel Neuer did not even have to intervene.”

The shoe pinch already in Catalonia and a crisis meeting was organized by the leaders this morning. The post-Messi is definitely very complicated.

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