Pope Francis will participate in IV Meeting of Popular Movements |  News

Pope Francis will speak at the IV World Meeting of Popular Movements (IV EMMP) that will be held next Saturday, October 16 by the digital platform Zoom.


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The objective of the space is to debate and share social struggles and propose new forms of struggle, in defense of the rights that summon them, mainly Earth, Roof and Work, according to the announcement of the event.

The press release published by the Vatican specifies that the participants will be cardboard workers, recyclers, street vendors, seamstresses, artisans, fishermen, peasants, builders, miners, workers of recovered companies, all kinds of cooperatives, workers of popular trades, Christian workers of various trades and professions, workers in neighborhoods and villages.

An antecedent of the world meeting was the working meeting that last July brought together representatives of popular movements from America (north, center and south), Europe, Africa and Asia.

One of the axes on which they discussed had to do with the impact of Covid-19 on workers with vulnerabilities and on what the participants called the dilemmas that humanity has today, among them the 3T: land, roof and job.

The World Movement of Christian Workers (MMTC), who will be present at the event, has participated in the meetings since their first edition in 2014, and has been part of the organizing committee.

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