There are many religions, beliefs, and myths in the world. People believe in different things and phenomena because they either can’t explain something or need this faith to keep struggling over problems. It also may give hope, which is pretty important in difficult situations or crucial moments of life. Thus, gambling also has a lot of superstitions that help players catch luck and win more right here However, superstitions are nothing but rituals based on some stereotypes. And we want to share the most popular of them with you!


Lucky Things

Gamblers tend to believe that some things are luckier than others, or that they can bring luck. Talking about the first type, this concerns color and numbers. For example, black and the number 13 are considered bad, meanwhile, 3 and green gain good luck. This is based on associations and cultural peculiarities. Green is usually used to show success, and black is associated with death. 

The second type are various charms. Although there are some things that are well-known around the world, such as clover, rabbit foot, and so on, charms may also be very individual. People may have something from their past that is connected with good moments.


Another kind of rituals players typically do to bring luck are some repetitive actions they always do in such situations. It’s more like to be a habit that calms down and brings confidence rather than real magical ritual, but it’s also a pretty common superstition. And here are the most popular ones: cross fingers, knock on wood, blow on dices, repeat certain phrase, spit 3 times.


Using the Front Entrance

This is a little more obscure belief, although it is still rather common. Some gamblers think that entering a casino through the front door is unfortunate because the bad luck of those leaving (apparently having lost their money) may rub off on you.

The distaste of a prior entry to the MGM Grand, particularly among Chinese gamblers, was linked to this superstition. This was formerly a big lion's mouth, which was thought to be extremely unfortunate and equivalent to being devoured alive. Those that didn't like it were thankfully replaced.

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