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A new brand positioning of the canal Sexy Hot started in 2021, it has been gradually increasing the range of audience, previously dominated by the male audience. Aiming to get ever closer to the female audience and LGBTQIA+, the platform is investing in innovative content, with a sex more similar to real life, more modern, educational stories and scripts also developed for female pleasure, balancing pleasure with the preferences of the male audience.

From January to October this year, the presence of women consuming content on the channel’s online platform increased by 8%. According to the Sexy Hot, the main focus is to bring a sex more similar to real life, more modern stories, educational and scripts developed also for female pleasure, balancing the pleasure of women with the preferences of the male audience.

This is not a trend only in Brazil. The last annual report released by the Pornhub platform, in 2019, already registered 32% of the female audience, 3 percentage points more compared to 2018.

To understand a little more about the origin of this new interest, I spoke with Carla Gama, 40 years old, physiotherapist and biologist, who told me he started consuming explicit content recently, after the beginning of the pandemic:

Watching pornography was a way to rescue my libido at a critical time. I don’t consider taking my interest in pornography taboo. It was when I was younger. Today I see sex and masturbation as a health issue.

“I’m sure many other women were also brought up to ‘have manners’, ‘not touch themselves’… All wrong, in my opinion! We worked out legs, arms, abdomen… Why do we forget about the pelvic floor?”

Carla also said that she likes to identify with the films she watches, looking for productions with real couples who act together.

“I see stories that escape the cliché of traditional porn. Bodies more like ours, sex scenes more real, stories closer to what we could live. We women also fantasize and I see myself more there,” she told tell me that movies with a beginning, middle and end help setting the imagination and excitement.

Carla emphasizes that she understands the criticism of pornography and that there is a lot to improve in the segment. For her, choosing the source of the content she consumes is important:

“I’ve heard of reports of abuse of actresses by directors and even videos recorded without the consent of women. I don’t agree with that. I watch channels like Sexy Hot, where I know there’s a concern with the production and everyone wins to be there there. I think it’s a job of choosing these women and I respect them.”

According to Dr. Laurie Betito, from PornHub Sexual Wellness Center, this stat clearly shows that pornography is not just for men. Women are increasingly interested in the topic, taking advantage of their own sexuality, discovering their bodies and identifying desires and tastes: “Less shame and less taboo around female sexuality means more discoveries”, she summarizes.

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