Possession of Ball #168: Neymar badly, Felipão falls and Flamengo in the hunt for the Rooster - 10/11/2021

The Brazilian team did not come out of 0-0 against Colombia and thus ended its 100% use in the South American Qualifiers in a match in which Neymar returned to the team led by Tite, but did not have a good performance and was more commented on by the statements that it could have its last World Cup in Qatar than for the football presented on the field.

In the Posse de Bola #168 podcast, journalists Arnaldo Ribeiro, Eduardo Tironi, Juca Kfouri and Mauro Cezar Pereira comment on the statements given by the player in an interview, the impact of the possibility of a last Neymar Cup in 2022 and his participation in the Brazilian team inside the field.

Juca points out that in the period after the World Cup in Russia, the best moment for the team led by coach Tite was just when he couldn’t count on Neymar, in the Copa America dispute in 2019, won by Brazil, and he considers that the coach sets up the team very much in function of the athlete, as in the game against the Colombians.

“The best phase of the Brazilian team, although it was not brilliant, but it was still the best phase after the Cup in Russia, it was in Copa América that Brazil won without Neymar, because with Neymar, given the protection that Tite gave him does, naturally the team plays for him and ends up being the disgrace it was yesterday. It’s true that also against Venezuela, in which he didn’t play, the selection went to a disgrace,” says Juca.

Regarding the possibility of the World Cup in Qatar being the last in Neymar’s career, the journalist says that if this really happens, he won’t miss the player.

“I’m tired of Neymar, nehem, neymar, he always finds a way to also divert the focus to justify his bad performances. Of course, that’s where the discussion about the athlete’s head comes under pressure, he never submitted to greater pressure, he he was always irresponsible with his career, he managed to lead very well up to a certain point, but he never had a leader’s mind, a number 1 mind. Peter Pan,” says the journalist.

Mauro Cezar Pereira criticizes the fact that the player is treated as untouchable in the selection by coach Tite and considers that Neymar’s statements serve as a smokescreen.

“Behavior of a Neymar’s nanny, because Neymar is untouchable, he doesn’t leave the team, other players have to take on other responsibilities so that he is completely at ease, circling the lane of the field as he wants, retaining the ball as long as he wants he wants to, insisting on individual plays that haven’t worked out most of the time,” says Mauro.

“How much weight does it have? How relevant is it? It seems more like a victimization of the poor rich boy, who lives surrounded by parrots, surrounded by those people who flatter him, who have nothing to say. I don’t remember an interview by Neymar who had an interesting content, that he said something relevant. It’s an absolutely hollow character, I see it this way, empty, a guy that you see nothing, no positioning, zero, with respect to all the issues that a pop star like him could get involved thinking about the collective, about society, about the good of people”, he concludes.

The program also analyzes the dispute for the Brazilian title, with victories by leaders Atlético-MG and Flamengo in the round, defeats by Corinthians and Palmeiras, as well as the fall of Luiz Felipe Scolari after another defeat at Grêmio.

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