Prat-Gay: "Today there is a Kirchnerism without money, which does not have the gunpowder to radicalize"

The former Minister of Finance and Public Finance, Alfonso Prat-Gay, spoke about a possible radicalization of the Government after the defeat in the PASO and opined that there is a “Kirchnerism without money” that does not have the “gunpowder” necessary for that to happen..

All this discussion of Cristina Kirchner and the government of Alberto Fernandez they are going to radicalize it doesn’t make sense. They stayed in a time where there were resources. Today Kirchnerism does not have the money or the gunpowder to radicalize“, said Prat-Gay on All News.

Regarding the unfavorable result suffered by the Frente de Todos in the Primaries, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory, he acknowledged: “Without a doubt, the scenario was set so that it would be a very loose election for the Government”.

“In the pocket, the middle class and the most vulnerable the policies of this government have been suffering. They did not see the exhaustion of millions of Argentines who did not believe that Alberto Fernández had been taking care of them but that I had been locking them up“he added.

And he maintained: “The electorate said enough to the story “. Then he anticipated that “If the results were repeated in November, Peronism is going to lose the quorum in the Senate. Since the return of democracy there has never been a Senate not controlled by Peronism. “

He also made a small mention to the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, about whom he remarked: “He was already corseted because he is part of a government where the President does not have power but the vice president does.”

Alfonso Prat Gay: “As long as there is no confidence, all the measures will be insufficient”

In relation to the presidential elections, the former Minister of Finance and Public Finance insisted: “If we change, it repeats this result in 2023 We can aspire to have a majority in Deputies and be very close to having a majority in the Senate“.

Along the same lines, he spoke about the management of the Government of Mauricio Macri and specified that “Cambiemos did not lose votes either throughout his tenure, which began in 2015, or after he left the Government in 2019”.

The one that lost the votes is the Government of Alberto Fernández that lost 17 points in two years. I heard Santiago Cafiero saying that the officialdom lose all over the world, that is not true either, “he attacked.

Finally, and facing the next general legislative elections on Sunday, November 14, he emphasized: “We have to dialogue with those who think differently. We have to think of a majority government. Today there is a light of hope. “


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