Prelude for Cuban political prisoners next Saturday 17

MIAMI, United States.- Cuban-Costa Rican artist Elízabeth Echemendía, together with the San Isidro Movement and Proactive Miami —friends and collaborators—, will present their work Prelude this Sunday, October 17.

At the event, which will take place at 4 in the afternoon on the boardwalk behind the Ermita de la Caridad, in Miami, music will also be enjoyed, and personalities from the artistic field of the city will be present.

During the presentation of Prelude, butterflies will be released in a massive way for the freedom of Cuban political prisoners and the island.

“After having told every butterfly the name of a Cuban political prisoner, each one will take one, reaffirm the desire and finally send it flying, making, we are sure, that space trembles,” reads the announcement statement.

Echemendía, model, photographer and writer, was born in Cuba and at the age of five she emigrated with her family to Costa Rica, where she lived until just over three years ago when she settled in Miami.

Elizabeth Echemendía. Photo Instagram

“From his earliest years, he showed a deep avidity for nature and art as a means of expression, which were enhanced by the influence of his family (mother artist of the plastic arts and his grandparents teachers of literature)”, reads a review of him in Valparaíso Editions.

Elízabeth Echemendía published last year 2020 her first book The bird keeps us in its song, by the aforementioned publishing house. His second book, My shadow is the dawn, came out on September 1.

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