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The Premier League is close to changing forever. The project called “Fan-led review” aims to amplify the voice of fans in English football and protect their interests so that situations such as the creation of the European Super League and the sale of the Newcastle United they cannot be repeated.

This review of the situation of the English fan in football has been carried out by the deputy Tracey Crouch and a panel of experts, who trust in the creation of an independent body to the Premier League who has a voice and vote when it comes to supervising the large operations of this sport.

Crouch is clear that if this organism had existed before, the purchase of Newcastle It would not have been such a dark and secretive process, which led the clubs to request the resignation of Premier League president Gary Hoffman, but it would have been more transparent. “I can’t tell you if the sale of Newcastle had been stopped because I don’t know all the details about what happened, but more research would have been done.Crouch said.

One of the current complaints about what happened to the Newcastle it is the lack of a clear policy when it comes to letting a new owner into the league. This has been criticized for allowing the arrival of capital from Saudi Arabia, a country heavy with accusations of human rights violations. To try to alleviate these situations, the project involves a “test” for owners and owners that will be carried out by an independent commission, not by the Premier, to prevent their financial interests from interfering in the decision.

In addition, this test will be carried out every three years, and the new owners, in order to take control of the team, will have to test their knowledge of the cultural and historical heritage of the clubs and demonstrate their plans for the future.

Germany, the benchmark league

The objective is to approach a model similar to the 50 + 1 of German football, to prevent the clubs from making decisions that affect the future, such as the case of the Superliga, regardless of what the fans may say.

This will establish a right to veto that will belong to the fans and that they will be able to use in key decisions such as the sale of the stadium or the change of its name. The fans will also have their representation on the board, but not anecdotally, as is happening right now in clubs like Chelsea, which gave in in this sense to satisfy their people after the scandal of the Superliga.

In addition to how this measure will affect the decisions chapter, it will also have an important economic impact, and that is that the clubs of the Premier League they will have to pay a percentage, as a tax, for each transfer they make. This will ensure the sustainability of the pyramid of English football. This percentage could be up to 10% and, according to the data provided by the project, the annual collection, if it had been applied in the last five years, would have been 160 million pounds.

In total, the document provides 47 recommendations that will be tried to be carried out in the coming years, some such as the return of the consumption of alcoholic beverages to the stands, mandatory clauses for promotions and demotions in player contracts, inclusion plans , equality and diversity in each club and a review of the aid system for relegated teams.

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