An agreement had been announced at the level of the federal government on November 15, then it had been somewhat reshuffled after strong criticism from the Socialist, to reach a consensus a few days later. “There is a problem of method in the functioning of the government”, denounced Sunday Paul Magnette.

The president of the PS speaks of “preparations made in a hurry”, of agreements for which one notices then that “there is no text”, a concern of operation which is not limited to the debate on the vaccination of nursing staff, he said. It is “like the Concertation Committee” of November 17, he adds, where “10 days later we notice that that is not enough and that we have to redo one”.

“We must take measures that are prepared in a more rigorous way”, and therefore “prepare more ‘Codeco'”, retorts the Carolo. The Socialist also criticizes in passing the communications of members of the government which tend to stigmatize the unvaccinated. “You have to be able to convince people, not stigmatize them.”

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