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Player has stints at some clubs including Tombense and América-MG

Núbia Alves / Vila Nova FC - Rubens, Vila Nova striker
Núbia Alves / Vila Nova FC – Rubens, Vila Nova striker

This Friday (14) Vila Nova officially presented the 28-year-old striker Rubens. The player arrives at the Goiás team on loan from Tombense, until the end of the season. What is known so far is that the player arrives to dispute a position with Clayton, the remaining athlete of the 2021 season. During the press conference, the newest reinforcement of Tigre stated that he considers this new phase a great challenge. However, when asked about his goals, the player declined to reveal any details.

“Every club I come to, I try to face it as a great challenge. Now in relation to goals, it’s something private to me. I always start the seasons with a personal project and of course it’s always aiming to score a lot of goals. I don’t usually disclose, it’s a personal goal. So I always try to work dedicated and focused on the day to day, so that I can reach this goal at the end of the year”, said the striker.

Responsible for scoring seven times in the 2021 Series C, Rubens was one of the main players that contributed to Tombense gaining access to Series B. However, even after having a good season, the striker preferred to transfer to Vila Nova that will also have the second division ahead.

According to the striker, the option to change clubs even on loan is simple. “It is the showcase that this great club has. I had the opportunity to stay there (Tombense), but Vila’s interest arose and I didn’t think twice about accepting this challenge. Even because Vila has a very heavy shirt on the national football scene. So I was very happy with the invitation and I would like to thank the president here and there of Tombense and everyone who made it possible for me to come to Vila Nova. Now I hope to respond in the best way possible, helping the club on the pitch to achieve all the goals”, he concluded.

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