Presenter cries after having cell phone stolen at Carnival: ‘I’m devastated’

Bruna Unzueta, presenter of the podcast PodDelas, vented on social networks after having her cell phone stolen last Tuesday (21).

Through her Instagram profile, the influencer shared an account of the moment and appealed for the device to be returned. The theft took place at Carnival in São Paulo.

“I just wanted to get my things back. Retrieving my email, my Instagram, Icloud… Without my cell phone, I don’t have access to anything, just Instagram, which I managed to get for now. I’m already doing the online incident report. I just know that I’m devastated. I dreamed about it, I dreamed today that I was robbed… Man, if you’re seeing this, let’s negotiate a little price. I just wanted my email back, my photos”, began the outburst.

The presenter said that she left the electric trio and on the way to a place that she considered safe, her cell phone ended up being stolen.

“I’ll tell you how it happened, we left the electric trio, the show ended. It was our turn, we left the trio and headed towards a place we already knew. We passed by the crowd, and there the hand happened. I don’t know how, we didn’t notice,” he said.

“And the bad guys are trying to scam me. I put it on Icloud: Lost Iphone. I put the cell number in case anyone found it. I’ve already received some messages with a strange number, saying that my cell phone was found. They put a message with a robotic voice, and now they are sending a message with a link for me to click on”, he concluded.

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