William Boeva.


Radio 2 presenter Sven Pichal (42) has included it in a column for comedian William Boeva ​​(31). Pichal had seen in Antwerp how the comedian was laughed at by passers-by.

in his column Pichal describes the incident. He had just crossed it on Tuesday afternoon on the Meir in Antwerp when two boys drove by on an electric scooter. The two laughed at Boeva ​​about the fact that he is in a wheelchair. “I can see on his face how hard that hits,” Pichal writes. “I read annoyance, but I also seem to understand from his look that this is far from the first time. That’s how I interpret it anyway. I really feel vicarious shame. Totally shocked.”

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Pichal does not address Boeva ​​about the incident because a friend was with him. Still, he hopes to meet the young people who had driven away. To point out to them their cowardly act, Pichal writes. That doesn’t happen, but the story doesn’t let go of him. “Fortunately, this kind of behavior is an exception, I hope, because how dare they. There will come a day when they realize they realize how inappropriate and rude this is.”

William Boeva ​​responded to a text from Pichal. “Thank you Sven, for your kind attention, but unfortunately this happens every day.”

Sven Pichal.

Photo: DBA

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