President of Deportes Melipilla shoots with everything after the Court's decision: "It was the only way to protect Universidad de Chile"

Finally Sports Melipilla will not be expelled from professional football, but his administrative irregularities led to the Second Chamber of the Disciplinary Tribunal of the ANFP to punish them with the subtraction of six points, so they will play in First B on the season 2022. Situation before which he got his voice Leonardo Zuniga.

The president of the Colts spoke with Sports in Agriculture and fired with everything after the determination of the body, warning at the outset that he did not like receiving the “love letter” that arrived this Thursday, although he acknowledged being calm about reversing the expulsion of the club of professional football.

After that, the Melipillano boss was consulted about whether his institution pays for the broken dishes of the little order existing in Creole football and he responded with everything. And he also took the opportunity to launch himself against the University of Chile, who were the precursors of the accusation against him.

“The appreciation is clear, unfortunately Melipilla had to live a situation of being in a position in the table that had to be attacked, because it was the only way to protect, if we go back to date 34, two important teams that could be in a very complex situation ”, he indicated, alluding to the U.

Universidad de Chile presented a controversial complaint for administrative irregularities against Deportes Melipilla one day before the last date of the 2021 National Championship. (Photo: Agencia Uno)

With regard to disorder, he was blunt, and pointed out that “what doubt is there that this is so? If you analyze the beginning of all this, where they denounce you for A and end up condemning you for Z, it means that there were many instances that were well defended and they were diluted along the way. “

Of course, Zúñiga warns that “but since they were in the whirlwind of searching, searching and searching, the time came when searching did not work and we go to the other guiding verb which is to invent and bring situations from previous years and characters who were out of work. And all that was lent to conclude here, so this has no other reading, and I think that was perceived from day one, “he concluded.

In this way, Melipilla will descend directly to First B and Huachipato will have to play the promotion against Deportes Copiapó, while in Curicó Unido they breathe easy and are saved from everything. Of course, Leonardo Zúñiga has already warned that they have the intact illusion of being able to save the Colts by going to TAS.

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