Preta Gil releases her voice at an event with her family: ‘Celebrating life’

Singer Preta Gil made an appearance during an event that brought together family and friends. In a video published by Thales Bretas this Sunday (26), she appears releasing her voice.

In the images it is possible to see Flor Gil, niece of the singer and daughter of Bela Gil, in addition to the singer Vitão who recently became a friend of the young woman and was also in the Express box 2222 during Carnival.

“What a thrill to see you singing and well, celebrating life, Pretinha! I love you, it was beautiful”, wrote Thales Bretas when sharing the video of Preta Gil singing.

It is worth remembering that the artist continues to be treated for bowel cancer and even suspended the entire carnival agenda due to her health.

See the video:

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