Preta Gil starts a new chemotherapy session against bowel cancer

Preta Gil is still undergoing treatment for bowel cancer discovered in January of this year. After completing the second cycle of chemotherapy, the singer started a new round of the process in search of a cure for the disease and shared it with Internet users.

“Bath, hair washed, dried, make-up to give it an up and healing going in”, wrote the artist in a publication on Instagram, and soon after, she showed her husband, Rodrigo Godoy, accompanying the treatment: “He works here from my side”.

On the web, Preta has been showing her followers how her cancer treatment has been. The artist, who experienced a delicate period of chemotherapy, with nausea, fatigue and dizziness, reported that she is experiencing a new phase of treatment, this time calmer and without so many side effects.

Last weekend, the artist gathered friends for a Carnival party at home, since she was unable to participate in the revelry as she does every year due to cancer.

Among the guests were Saulo Fernandes, Gominho, Regina Casé, Márcio Victor, Carolina Dieckmann, João Vicente de Castro, in addition to his family, such as Gilberto Gil, Flora Gil and Francisco Gil.

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