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Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and four federal ministers – Sophie Wilmès, Annelies Verlinden, Ludivine Dedonder and Vincent Van Quickenborne – have to be quarantined. They attended a Franco-Belgian security meeting on Monday with their fellow French ministers and French Prime Minister Jean Castex. The latter tested positive for the corona virus when he returned home.

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The Prime Minister and the four ministers interrupt their activities and go into quarantine. They each undergo a PCR test.

According to the cabinet of the French prime minister, his agenda will be rearranged, “so that he can continue his activities in isolation”. The prime minister learned on Monday afternoon, on his return from Belgium, that one of his 11-year-old daughters tested positive. Castex was in our country for Belgian-French security consultations. “He immediately had a PCR test performed, which turned out to be positive.”

The spokesperson for De Croo confirms the news. French Prime Minister Castex informed Prime Minister De Croo tonight that he has tested positive for corona after a high-risk contact with his daughter. “Since Prime Minister De Croo received the French Prime Minister on Monday for a Belgian-French security meeting, he immediately suspended his activities. He will be tested on Wednesday and will remain in quarantine until after his test result. The other ministers involved will also take a PCR test and will remain in quarantine until after the negative test result.

Castex went to Brussels on Monday with his ministers of the Interior (Gérald Darmanin), Justice (Eric Dupond-Moretti), Defense (Florence Parly) and European Affairs (Secretary of State Clément Beaune). On the Belgian side, in addition to Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Sophie Wilmès), Minister of Justice (Vincent Van Quickenborne), Minister of Defense (Ludivine Dedonder) and the Minister of the Interior (Annelies Verlinden) attended the bilateral meeting. . Together with De Croo, Castex laid flowers at the monument to the victims of the attacks of 22 March 2016. They also gave a speech together, where they both took off their mouth masks.

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