Prince Andrew & Fergie Closer Than Ever: Chronicle of an Unconventional Relationship

But soon the first cracks in the supposed marriage of the dream couple should appear. His career as a naval officer was compelling Prinz Charles’ brother, spending a lot of time away from his family. In March 1992, Fergie and Andrew separated. The scandal broke out when the British tabloid The Daily Mirror published photos of the still married Duchess of York in August 1992, which she shared with the US finance manager John Bryan showed. In the pictures, Fergie sunbathed shirtless on a lounger while Bryan sucked her toes. The divorce was not to be sealed in court until five years later.

In 2010, Sarah Ferguson told the US TV presenter how unhappy she was in her marriage to Andrew Ernie Manouse: “My destiny was that I would marry my husband, who happened to be a prince and naval officer.” But what she got “wasn’t the man, I got the palace and he didn’t. And the courtiers told me I had to go to Buckingham Palace and he to the sea.” During their marriage, she saw Andrew “40 days a year.”

Rumors of love comeback

Andrews and Sarah’s relationship was all the more intimate when they were divorced. As before, the ex-couple live together at the Royal Lodge in Windsor when the Duchess of York is in the UK.

“I travel a lot and have always been able to do everything wherever I am at home. When I stay in a hotel, I have the same family photos and scented candles around me,” she said last year. “Whenever I’m in the UK, I’m lucky enough to live at the Royal Lodge,” she continued, although she clarified, “I wouldn’t call it home, that would be presumptuous.”

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