Prince Andrew's Exile: Charles and William urged Queen to "ruthless" decision

The British Queen Elizabeth II has her son, who has been sued for abuse allegations in the USA Prinz Andrew revoked all military ranks and royal patronage. Andrew will defend himself in the process as a private citizen, Buckingham Palace in London said on Thursday.

“With the consent and consent of the Queen, the Duke of York’s military ranks and royal patronage have been returned to the Queen,” the statement said. The words are like a banishment.

“It’s about the survival of the royal family at all costs”

the Daily Mail reports, however, that the decision had been heatedly discussed within the royal family after Andrew’s attempt to persuade a judge to dismiss the civil suit accusing him of having sex with a minor failed.

In the end, a “ruthless and quick” decision was necessary, reports a palace insider.

It is assumed that Prinz Charles and be Son William were “significantly” involved in Prince Andrew’s exile. They would also have urged Elizabeth II to distance herself from Andrew. The final decision was finally made by the Queen immediately after the court ruling became known.

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