Charles after accession to the throne has every right to make his beloved wife queen

Charles after accession to the throne has every right to make his beloved wife queen


According to sources close to the British royal court, relations between Prince Charles’ wife Camilla and his sister, Princess Anne, have seriously deteriorated lately. Insiders point out that in public, women act as a common front, but all their unanimity disappears behind closed doors.

The reason for the strife between the 71-year-old princess, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, and the 74-year-old Duchess of Cornwall is the title of queen, which Prince Charles seriously intended to give to his wife after accession to the British throne.

After the tragic death of the first wife of Prince Charles Diana and the remarriage of the heir to the throne, it was decided that his second wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, would not officially bear the title of Princess of Wales, to which she had every right.

This was done against the background of universal love for the deceased Princess Diana and the same general dislike for Camilla, who was considered the cause of the collapse of the marriage between the prince and Lady Dee.

But over the years, the popular dislike gradually subsided, and Prince Charles, after accession to the throne, has every right to make his beloved wife a queen. It is this fact that insanely annoys the princess, which she has already directly stated to her daughter-in-law more than once.

– Anna made it clear that Camilla will never be a real queen in the eyes of British subjects. Anna has a lot of power and great respect in this family, so you will find that many will support her in this, and Charles and Camilla will face a lot of resistance, – said expert Penny Junior, specializing in the life of the British royal family.

Princess Anne also has rights to the royal throne, but Charles is the very first on the list of contenders. Junior believes that Anna does not exclude the development of events in which she will wear the crown.

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