After a disappointing game on Friday, the Olympic champions were looking to end their fantastic season in a more positive way. The meeting started in a catastrophic way. The Oranje took advantage of a slight devolution of the Belgians (who had seen backstick spoil the block) to deceive Loic Van Doren who had released a shot, but van Dam was on the rebound. At the 6th miute, on a breakthrough on the baseline on the left side, Warmerdam was again on a rebound to push the ball under Loic Van Doren. The Reds hadn’t had time to show yet. Charlier offered the first pc of the game in the 11th minute. Hendrickx didn’t fit. The Belgians were more present at the end of the first quarter thanks to better ball recovery. Opportunities were rare except for this Gougnard-Ghislain-Boon movement, but Sna was making a mistake.

The second quarter was even poorer in chances. On a movement initiated on the right flank by Denayer, Gougnard and Ghislain went up the field. Charlier was going to get the 2nd pc. The video canceled it. Van Doren was working on the next phase. He won face to face before still being present on the rebound. On a third shot in stride, he deflected again. A good minute that will put him in confidence. Willems provoked the 2nd pc by pushing the ball over Brinkman’s foot. Hendrickx transformed him in the 27th minute. The Reds were playing faster at the end of the first half, but the connections remained sluggish.

The Red Lions finally dominated the exchanges in the 3rd quarter. Boon framed a low-risk shot in the 38th minute. Charlier offered a 3rd pc to the 39th. Meijer hijacked Hendrickx’s sleep. Dock worker was also cocking a strike. Despite a very good quarterback for the Belgians, it was Loic Van Doren who had the quarterback stoppage with this shot at close range. Another great Belgian stop!

In the 49th minute, Van Doren was still on the parade. In the 51st, it was again he who diverted a diversion from Warmerdam. Dock worker was close to hitting a detour on a Hendrickx cross. The match was fun to watch as the Belgians were building up their strength despite a score that could have been more tragic. The Red Lions were looking to push late in the game, but Meijer had a fairly calm end of the game.

The Red Lions end their fantastic season with a negative weekend in Amsterdam. The holiday month will do the warriors of Tokyo good.

Match technique:

Pays-Bas : Meijer ; Vos, Balk, de Geus, van Dam, Brinkman, Croon, Warmerdam, Beins, Bijen, Janssen; Puis Swaen, Galema, Hoedemakers, de Mol, van Heijningen.

Belgium : L. Van Doren ; De Kerpel, Boccard, de Sloover, Hendrickx ; Wegnez, Denayer, Gougnard; Dockier, Charlier, Willems ; Puis Dohmen, van Aubel, Ghislain, Luypaert, Boon, Van Oost.

The arbitrators: MM. B. Bale (Ang) and C. Blasch (All)

Green card: 48th De Sloover

Les buts : 3rd van Dam (1-0), 6th Warmerdam (2-0), 27th Hendrickx sur pc (2-1)

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