Rosnedra: Profitable oil reserves in Russia will last for 21 years

Rosnedra: Profitable oil reserves in Russia will last for 21 years


Rosnedra estimates that Russia is 21 years old with profitable oil reserves available today. This statement was made by the interim head of the department Evgeny Petrov.

“Profitable stocks [нефти хватит] by about 20-21 years, “- TASS quotes the words of the acting head of Rosnedra, said on the sidelines of the Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum.

Petrov states that this period will increase as technologies for hard-to-recover oil reserves develop. As he noted, Western Siberia remains the most promising Russian region for the exploration of oil and gas reserves. “There is still work and work here. There is a potential for work here for many, many years, ”the acting head of the department emphasized.

At the same time, according to him, the development of hydrocarbon fields in Eastern Siberia at the moment remains unprofitable against the background of the lack of the necessary infrastructure.

We will remind, earlier the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexander Novak said that oil and gas reserves in the Arctic will be enough for Russia for hundreds of years, noting that it is extremely difficult to extract these resources in permafrost conditions, therefore, while production in the Arctic is too expensive.

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