Progol 2102: check the list of games on this week's midfielder (Photo: Progol).

How to play this lottery and how much does each flyer cost? Details in the following paragraphs. Thinking of the millions of fans that football has in Mexico, the primer of the ‘Progol 2102′ With some of the most important matches of the week, among which the start of the MX Liguilla quarterfinals stands out, as well as other matches in the European and South American leagues.

The ‘Progol’ consists of fourteen local and international football matches, where to win you will have to predict the greatest number of results. Among the options that the game gives you is the victory of the premises, the draw or the triumph of the visit, having a 33% chance of hitting each event. The contest is held according to the dates published in the Pool of the Week.

Among the prizes of the pool, it is worth mentioning that the initial guaranteed bag of all ‘Progol’ is $ 5,000,000 Mexican pesos. To win that amount, of course, you have to hit the maximum possible results, which is complicated enough. Be careful, these results are only valid within 90 minutes of regular play, so overtime and penalties are not included.

Matches of ‘Progol 2102’

Progol 2102: check the list of games on this week’s midfielder (Photo: Progol).

Progol: how to play?

To play the ‘Progol’ you must mark the boxes of each game with your prediction using a pencil or pen with blue or black ink. Depending on whether you think the venue, the visit or the draw wins, all you have to do is fill in the box as you prefer. You also have the option of playing a single pool, a double pool or a triple pool, which will increase your chances of winning.

  • Simple Pool: In this pool you can only mark one option as the final result per match of the match, that is to say: local win, win visit or draw. Just one of the options.
  • Double Pool: With this mode you have the opportunity to score two results for the same match played. An example: “it will win home or it will be a draw” or “it will win a visit or it will win home”. A maximum of 8 double pools can be played for each day.
  • Triple pool: Finally, the triple pools, where you can participate by marking the three results options in the same day. You can play up to 5 triple pools for each day in which you participate.

How much does a flyer cost?

The ‘Progol’ is divided into two contests, one traditional and one for revenge. The first consists of 14 games and has a cost of $ 15 pesos, where from the ninth hit you can win one of the prizes. The second, on the other hand, is made up of 7 games, where you have to hit the seven games to get the prize, and it has a cost of $ 5 pesos, as long as you buy the traditional one.


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