proofs of Angel and Leader will be together

Presenter Tadeu Schmidt explained, this Saturday night (25), all the details of next week’s dynamics at BBB 23, which has already started. Right after the elimination of Gustavo Cowboy and the Modo Stone minute, Big Fone played.

Sister Aline answered, guaranteed immunity and nominated ‘Cara de Sapato’ for Paredão. On Sunday (26), a new test will be held among the participants and it will decide, at the same time, the new Leader and the new Angel.

The first place will be the Leader and will be entitled to a veto in the next race, the second place will be the Angel, which is autoimmune and indicates a brother to Paredão, and the last place of the race will be out of the next dispute for the Leader.

The Monster’s Punishment will be the Paredão. That is, 4 people will go to the hot seat on Sunday – the Leader nominating one, house voting, nominated by Big Fone and Castigo do Monstro. The Bate-Volta test is the moment when the new paired trio will be formed.

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