“This is an accident. In any case, the intention to kill can not be deduced”, pleaded Master Joris Van Cauter. The facts took place on April 22, 2013 in Antwerp. While taking his son to school in his Porsche, Ilse de Meulemeester was struck twice by a Range Rover with Jacobus P. was then fled and the ex-Miss Belgium had escaped with some pain in the neck, back and a good jitters.

Jacobus P. faces three years in prison for attempted murder, but the defense said the collision was not that bad. “My client had to pay a total of 221.24 euros to have the damage to his Range Rover repaired. Mrs De Meulemeester’s car had only a few scratches on its left front side. It was an accident like so many others. There was nothing deliberate, much less the intention to kill. “

For Maître Van Cauter, the incident must be placed in the context of the difficult relationship between the two protagonists. “Jacobus P. felt cheated at the time by Ilse De Meulemeester, who allegedly extracted 2.8 million euros from him in the form of jewelry, cash, luxury goods and a villa of a worth 1.5 million euros. He was hoping to get in touch with her, but was deceived. When he tried to obtain redress from her, he was rejected outright. was impossible to come to an arrangement, or even to have a simple conversation. He was desperate. “

Master Kris Beirnaert, who defends Ilse De Meulemeester, believes that this is the trial of his client while it is indeed the misdeeds of Jacobus P. that we are talking about. He repeats that the former Miss Belgium has not been prosecuted for extortion and fraud. And if Ilse De Meulemeester is indeed sent to court for money laundering, the lawyer is confident about the positive outcome of this case.

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