Prosecutor's office is investigating Ghent doctor who found illegal eu... (Ghent)

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A doctor from a Ghent hospital was arrested last weekend after he illegally performed euthanasia on a very elderly patient last week. The Public Prosecutor’s Office of East Flanders has launched an investigation.

Simon Dekaezemaker

Today at 12:44

On Saturday, after the death of an elderly patient, a report was made to the police about a possible unlawful euthanasia that would have taken place in a hospital in Ghent. The prosecutor’s office was informed, and requested an investigating judge to investigate the circumstances.

The doctor was subsequently arrested and brought before the investigating judge on Sunday evening. He was released under strict conditions after extensive questioning by the investigating judge. “The classification at the present stage concerns poisoning according to Article 397 of the Penal Code.”

The hospital concerned has announced that the doctor has been suspended indefinitely in the meantime. “Pending the investigation, we are not making any comment for the time being,” the hospital said.

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