Proximus increases the prices of its Netflix option

Last October, Belgian Netflix users learned that the platform was increasing the prices of all its subscriptions in the country. This Thursday, our colleagues from Geeko are also highlighting that Proximus in turn announces the increase in the price of its Netflix TV option.

For the first time since the launch of the platform in Belgium, the price of the basic Netflix subscription has been increased from 7.99 euros to 8.99 euros. The price of the standard monthly subscription (access on two screens) has been increased by 1.50 euros, from 11.99 euros to 13.49 euros. For its part, the Premium monthly subscription has gone from 15.99 euros to 17.99 euros.

In the same vein, Proximus is therefore increasing the price of the Netflix TV option. More precisely, the basic subscription will be increased to reach 8.99 euros (instead of 7.99 euros), the standard subscription will cost 13.14 euros (instead of 11.99 euros) and finally, the Premium subscription will be 17.99 euros per month (instead of 15.99 euros).

Proximus is also planning further price increases from January 1, 2022, in terms of telephony and television subscriptions. From this date, the Familus / Tuttimus (73.50 euros / month), Minimus (62.50 euros / month) and Internet + TV (62.50 euros / month) plans will be increased by 1.50 euros per month . The increase on January 1 will be 1 euro for the Tel + TV (45.99 euros / month), Internet + Tel (62 euros / month), Start (62.99 euros / month), Internet Comfort (45.99 euros / month) and Internet Maxi (51.99 euros / month).

In terms of telephony, if the price of mobile subscriptions will remain unchanged, that for fixed lines will also be revised upwards (+0.50 euro / month).

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