PSD says that Alexandra Reis has made a place available in 2021 via email to Pedro Nuno | TAP

The PSD said this Wednesday that the former administrator of TAP Alexandra Reis made the position available in December 2021, “eventually, without any compensation”, through an email sent to the then Minister of Infrastructure Pedro Nuno Santos .

This information is contained in a request that the PSD presented and delivered this Wednesday to the TAP inquiry commission and that was presented by coordinator Paulo Moniz during the meeting that took place in the afternoon.

“The information received today [quarta-feira] by the TAP commission of inquiry, in which it is clear that the former Minister of Infrastructure, Pedro Nuno Santos received an email, on December 29, 2021, in which Alexandra Reis made her seat available – eventually, without a place to any compensation, and the inquiry commission has not yet registered responses to this email”, states the party in the application.

This is one of the justifications for the Social Democrats to request, “as a priority and urgency”, the hearing of the still CEO of TAP, Christine Ourmières-Widener, within the scope of the commission of inquiry.

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