Application became unstable and some votes were not counted (PSDB/Arte)

Tucana previews were paused because of instability in the voting application, the asset is investigated

Application became unstable and some votes were not counted (PSDB/Arte)

The PSDB decided to paralyze the first round of presidential caucuses that it held this Sunday (21). Instabilities in the toucans’ application made it difficult to close the poll, which was scheduled for 18:00.

However, the votes registered this Sunday are valid and will be counted in the final result. “The in-app voting process has been paused due to technical infrastructure issues, which did not meet the demand of the primary voters,” the party said in a statement.

“The PSDB is defining, together with the candidates, when the process will be resumed”, said the acronym. New meeting is scheduled for 20:00 this Sunday.

All the candidates in the dispute, Eduardo Leite, João Doria and Arthur Virgílio, met this afternoon with the president of the party, Bruno Araújo, to try to reach a solution.

The vice-governor of São Paulo, Rodrigo Garcia, and former party presidents José Aníbal, Teotônio Vilela and Tasso Jereissati also participated. The end of voting for the app, initially scheduled for 3:00 pm, had already been postponed to 6:00 pm due to obstacles.

Voting in Brasília, at the Ulysses Guimarães convention center, ended at around 15:00. The in-person election was carried out with electronic voting machines.

The company that developed the PSDB preview application said it was investigating the possible causes of the instability. Faurgsa (Support Foundation of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) denied that the problem is due to the lack of technology licenses to support the facial recognition of affiliates.

“The votes so far registered will not be lost, and the security of the system has not been affected,” said Faurgsa.

There are 44,700 members entitled to vote, including members with term and without term. Of these, 39,737 members were registered on the app, in addition to about 4,000 councilors.

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