PT tries to fix Lula's damage

The Workers’ Party (PT) went public trying to repair the damage caused by a statement given by former president Lula in an interview with El País.

as the column showed, Lula gave a disastrous response when comparing Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In a text published on the official website of the subtitle with the title “New fake news distorts Lula’s interview with El País”, the PT claims that the former president defends the alternation of power.

“It is false and in bad faith to claim that Lula would have supported “leftist dictatorships” or equated Prime Minister Angela Merkel with President Daniel Ortega,” writes the PT.

The party published the video – according to them, without editing – with the excerpt of the interview that caused the controversy. Lula begins by defending the alternation of power, but then compares Ortega and Merkel.

“Every politician who starts to think he is indispensable or irreplaceable starts to become a small dictator. Therefore, I am in favor of alternating power. I can be against it, but I cannot interfere in the decisions of a people. We have to defend the self-determination of peoples. Why can Angela Merkel stay 16 years in power and Daniel Ortega can’t? Why Felipe González can stay 14 years in power? What’s the logic?”.

Although he tries to assert that Lula did not say what he actually said in the interview, it is a fact that the former president made an unfortunate phrase and should at least apologize for the way he put his thoughts

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