Public defender arrested for impersonating a judge in Bahia

A man, suspected of involvement in crimes of embezzlement, was arrested for impersonating a judge in the city of Feira de Santana, in the interior of Bahia. According to information from g1 Bahia, the investigated, who was exonerated from the Public Defender’s Office of the State of Bahia (DPE-BA), was arrested at home, by court order, on Wednesday (1st).

His name was not released by the police, because of the Abuse of Authority Act. However, the Feira de Santana Police Station for the Repression of Thefts and Robberies detailed that a man pretended to be a magistrate to offer false advantages to people in churches as well as to resolve pending issues in court.

With him, the police found an old identification of the Public Defender’s Office. Although the document was not false, it could not have been used by the investigated person, who was no longer part of the institution. The DPE has not yet commented on the case.

In addition to the document, the police also seized a notebook from the agency in possession of the investigated. The Ombudsman did not detail the cases of embezzlement involving the man.

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