Public prosecutor Gerhard Jarosch switches to the PR industry

The PR agency Rosam.Grünberger has had two new partners since the beginning of the year. The agency owners Wolfgang Rosam and Silvia Grünberger brought Gerhard Jarosch, First Public Prosecutor of the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the communicator Martin Himmelbauer on board with 10 percent each. In order to do justice to the new partner structure, the agency was renamed Rosam.Grünberger.Jarosch & Partner. Litigation PR – strategic legal communication – is added to the portfolio.

Expertise against “prejudice”

The Austrian agency with the highest turnover according to the 2020 turnover ranking of the industry medium “Horizont” is reacting to the increasing need for communication advice on legal issues, lawsuits and processes, as it says in a broadcast. “The more prominent someone is, the more they run the risk of suffering enormous damage to their reputation through prejudice in public. The agency’s new advisory service is to counteract such situations with professional public relations work and appropriate legal expertise as a background,” said Rosam and Grünberger cited.

Jarosch for “modern PR”

“Precisely because courts and judicial authorities are only allowed to inform the public about their proceedings to a limited extent, parties to the litigation should use the possibilities of modern PR”, says Jarosch, who was among other things president and spokesman for the Austrian public prosecutors and is now looking forward to his expertise to be able to bring in.

Ten percent each for the new co-owners

Like Himmelbauer, who worked as a journalist for “Kurier”, “Trend” and “Profil” and as press spokesman for Casinos Austria, Jarosch holds ten percent of the agency. Rosam holds the majority with 54 percent, Grünberger has 26 percent of the shares.

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