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First B

The Coquimbanos beat Puerto Montt 1-3 in a key duel at the top of the promotion and sent Copiapó to second place.

Coquimbo defeated Puerto Montt and takes a good step to promotion in Primera B.


© UNO AgencyCoquimbo defeated Puerto Montt and takes a good step to promotion in Primera B.

Coquimbo Unido defeated Puerto Montt 1-3 in a great match for date 25 of the First B National Championship, at the Chinquihue stadium. In a “six-point” duel for promotion, El Pirata regained the top of the table and exclusively taking advantage of the fact that Deportes Copiapó left points along the way.

The Coquimbanos warned at the beginning with a stick and later suffered an uncollected penalty: in a cross, the goalkeeper Claudio González hit Leandro Garate with his fists, who was left with a swollen nose and blood oozing.

In the 37 ‘Coquimbo managed to open the account with a goal from Harol Salgado. Already in the second half Garate put the partial 0-2 in the 54 ‘ and again El Pirata alleged a penalty not collected in controversial arbitration.

Eduardo Vilches put the suspense with the albiverde discount in the 55 ‘, but the injured Garate sentenced the victory of Coquimbo Unido in the 68’. In the 72nd minute, Puerto Montt was able to shorten the distance, but the ball hit the post and on it the ball went over the end line.

With the triumph Coquimbo reaches 44 points, alone in first place in Primera B. Deportes Copiapó is second with 42, Santiago Morning third with 39 and Puerto Montt fourth with 38.

It should be remembered that the champion of the First B is promoted directly to First A, while from the second to the fifth they fight to get into the promotion league. On the next date Coquimbo receives Deportes Temuco and Puerto Montt will visit San Marcos de Arica.

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