Pursued by a police officer for her dangerous driving, she is acquitted for "wanting to escape her pursuer": "I feared for my life!"

A female judge could understand it better: a motorist panicked by a police officer is acquitted.

The motorist is 27 years old. She found herself in court for dangerous driving, unsuitable speed, refusal to obey and driving on the emergency lane of a motorway, the E42, just before leaving La Louvière. An incredible, chilling affair.

January 16, 2019, 8:15 a.m. That morning, a police commissioner from the La Louvière zone was going to work. Before leaving the motorway, in the works near Manage, a small Citroën passed it, zigzagged and then moved onto the emergency lane, as if the driver, a young woman, had a problem. The commissioner was calling her headlights. The Citroën was leaving the highway. He did the same.

In the city, the Citroën continued to drive fast. She circled around the first roundabout three times. The policeman flashed the headlights again and never let go, determined to control her. After three laps of the roundabout, the driver left the place and continued at high speed without activating her turn signals. She finally stopped in a parking lot, still followed by the vehicle coming from the highway, from which a man was exiting.

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