Putin in a televised address called for voting in the elections to the State Duma

The President made a video message to citizens on the eve of the elections of deputies. Let us remind you that the voting will take place on September 17, 18 and 19. Vladimir Putin called the election of the new State Duma the most important event in the life of the country.

“We are all equally interested in the fact that responsible, active, authoritative people who are able to keep their word, fulfill your orders and their promises, justify the hopes and trust of citizens, come to parliament,” the president stressed. The highest meaning of the elections is, first of all, the expression of the will of the people of Russia as the main source of power, the implementation of the constitutional right of citizens to determine the development of the country, “which we all want to see sovereign and prosperous,” he said.

“We have a lot to do together, and the implementation of all our plans depends to a large extent on the competent, competent work of the State Duma,” Putin continued, recalling that this is one of the key bodies in the system of state power in Russia. She plays the main role in the adoption of laws that ensure the protection of human rights and interests. Parliamentarians adopt the federal budget, which creates the basis for fulfilling the state’s social obligations, for the implementation of programs to support families with children, plans for the development of regions, the arrangement of cities and towns.

“All this is painstaking, most complicated work, excluding populism and idle talk. It requires the highest professionalism, a clear understanding that behind every decision, behind every legislative amendment are the fate of millions of people,” Putin said. The updated Constitution gave the State Duma significant powers to approve the candidacies of the Prime Minister, his deputies and ministers. A lot will depend on the constructive interaction of the legislative and executive authorities, the President stressed.

The modern world is complex, it is changing rapidly and sometimes unpredictably, Putin continued. This creates new challenges, but also opens up the broadest opportunities. And in order to respond to these challenges, to effectively use new perspectives, well-coordinated work of the state, society and citizens is needed. “We need a strong and authoritative parliament for the deputies of the newly elected Duma to act in the interests of Russia and our people, to work for the people. …

Putin asked citizens to come to polling stations or take advantage of the possibility of electronic voting – “modern technologies guarantee its safety and reliability.” The President counts on a responsible, balanced, patriotic civic position, on the desire to elect deputies who will work for the good and in the name of their beloved Motherland – in the interests of the people and every citizen of Russia. “Please make your choice,” he concluded.

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