Putin prevented Russia from becoming a "vassal" of the United States - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Russian President Vladimir Putin prevented Russia from becoming a “vassal” of the United States. This is the opinion of the American director Oliver Stone.

“The United States could become a partner of Russia, could help along the lines of the Marshall Plan, but because of the money, this did not happen. On Wall Street, they decided that Russia should be seized, take over the business. All these oligarchs appeared. Putin began to oppose this, to defend country. If it were not for him, Russia would have been destroyed, would have become a vassal of America, “Stone said on the air of the TV channel.Russia 24“.

According to him, even if Russia became an American vassal, the whole world and the United States itself would only get worse from this, because Washington “would become more and more powerful, would turn into a tyranny.” As the director noted, “no one should have too much power.”

Stone also stressed that the United States simply needs an external enemy in order to have a reason to supply orders for its huge military-industrial complex.

“Why can’t they stop? Because there is a lot of money at stake. Money and deals. It’s not about Russia. If it weren’t for Russia, another enemy would have been found,” he said.

At the same time, he is also confident that Russia and the United States could cooperate in many areas, for example, in the fight against COVID-19 or the production of “clean energy”.

Recall that Stone’s collection includes many awards, including three Academy Awards: for the best adapted screenplay for the film “Midnight Express” and for the director’s work for the films “Platoon” and “Born on the Fourth of July”.

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