Qatar 2022 is already waiting for the World Cup: “If it started at the end of this month, we would be ready” |  FIFA |  FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

Nasser al Khater, director general del Mundial Qatar 2022, declared this Sunday to EFE, on the occasion of the one-year countdown to the start of the championship, that if it had to start at the end of this month of November, the organizers “would be already prepared.”

We are very proud that today, one year after the start of the World Cup, all cities and all facilities are ready. At the end of November, we are going to organize the Arab Cup, which will be the perfect test for us with a view to the World Cup. If the World Cup started at the end of this month, we would be prepared“Al Khater told EFE.

The director general of the World Cup believes that the Qatar 2022 is special for being “the first World Cup in the Middle East, in a new region”. “Qatar has a lot to offer fans, it is very compact and it is very easy to move between cities; They will have time to enjoy football, as well as the cities, the fan zones, the wonderful beaches, the desert …”.

On special preparations for the pandemic, Al Khater noted: “We have gradually reintroduced the fans into the stadiums. We have been very rigorous. We hope that by 2022 the world will be almost fully vaccinated against covid-19 and that this disease will be fully controlled”.

Regarding the rumors about vaccination requirements, Al Khater stated: “We are in talks with the World Health Organization and FIFA, but there are still no decisions on the issue of vaccinations”.

Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, stated in the same act: “We often see that soccer brings people together. And it’s true. This time the world will discover a country with Qatar, the Middle East, the Arab world … I am convinced that this World Cup will offer the opportunity to discover a welcoming place to the world”.

We will have the opportunity to celebrate, to enjoy … Soccer brings people together. It is also culture. This championship is an opportunity for Qatar, for the World Cup and for the world”.

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