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The Queen isabel II has decided to withdraw all his military titles by prince Andrew, who will be tried in the United States for his alleged involvement in a scandal of sexual abuse of a minor, Buckingham Palace announced on Thursday.

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In a brief statement issued by the official residence of the British sovereign, the Royal House indicated that “with the approval of the queen and her agreement, the military titles of the Duke of York and his royal patronages have been returned to the queen.”

The palace also announces that “the Duke of York will continue without exercising any public function and will defend his (judicial) case as a private citizen,” the note adds.

From now on, the son of Elizabeth II will no longer be able to use the title of “His Royal Highness” in any official capacity.

As soon as this drastic measure is made public, which inflicts a huge blow to the duke and his entourage, an anonymous source close to Andrés told the British media that he “will continue to defend himself” from Virginia Giuffre’s allegations.

That woman has consistently maintained that she was trafficked as a minor by millionaire mogul Jeffrey Epstein, with the help of her “right hand” and ex-partner Ghislaine Maxwell, to have sex with the prince.

“Given the harshness with which Judge (Lewis) Kaplan received our arguments, we are not surprised by his ruling,” said the same source close to Andrés after the magistrate rejected all the arguments of the Duke’s defense so that the case was filed. .

He added, however, that “it was not a judgment on the validity of Giuffre’s allegations”, while considering that this process “is a marathon, not a sprint and the duke will continue to defend himself against these accusations.”


The decision of the monarch comes after some 152 war veterans of this country urged the monarch to withdraw these honors from her son after the judicial verdict on the case was known yesterday.

Veterans of the British Naval Forces, the Air Forces and the Army of this country had resorted to the sovereign to strip the prince of all his honors in an open letter addressed to Elizabeth II, which was disclosed today through the anti-monarchical group Republic.

In the letter, those soldiers expressed their “disgust and anger” at the fact that the prince – until today – still retained those titles, as his position seemed “untenable” to them.

They also recalled that Andrés’ involvement in the sex scandal had “disturbed” the military services with which he is related, taking into account that “if it were any other veteran military officer (who was in that situation), it is inconceivable that he continue to maintain his position ”.

Although Andrés left his public functions in 2019 when he was associated with the ill-fated North American pedophile – who committed suicide in a prison in the United States – and has not attended any military event again, until now he retained his functions in eight British regiments, which They have been in limbo for the past two years.

The links between the brother of Charles of England with the Army is deep and goes back decades.

The prince was a helicopter pilot in the Falklands war fought between Argentina and the United Kingdom (between April and June 1982) and among the military honors that he was awarded and that have been withdrawn were that of Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, or Deputy Chief Colonel of the Royal Lancers.

The Duke of York has always categorically denied Giuffre’s outright accusations and in 2019 he gave an interview to the BBC Newsnight program to give his version of what happened and with which he hoped to clean up his deteriorated image.

In that television space, the son of Elizabeth II denied having had sexual relations with minors and although he defended his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, he also admitted that he should have cut his relationship with the pedophile much earlier.

Many analysts considered that, far from helping him, his televised intervention further damaged his image in the eyes of the public.

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