US releases vaccine booster for teenagers and some groups of children

Brazil should lead the ranking of childhood vaccination against covid-19. At least, that’s the hunch of the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga. This Tuesday (11), he presented an optimistic view of the country’s positioning on this world list, and took the opportunity to talk about CoronaVac, which has been considered as an alternative for children, which until then has only Pfizer immunizers. .

“With the capacity of our health system, we will lead the ranking of childhood vaccination as we are leading the ranking in general”, said the Minister. On the occasion, he mentioned that the immunization rate of children in certain countries, such as Israel and Canada – which started immunization in November 2021 – is considered low.

More than 20 million doses of Pfizer for children aged 5 to 11 years have already been ordered by the Ministry of Health for the first quarter of 2022. Last Monday (10), the folder announced that the pharmaceutical company anticipated 600,000 doses for the month of January. The expectation is that the first batch arrives on Thursday (13), and childhood vaccination begins on Friday (14).

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CoronaVac for childhood vaccination

Childhood vaccination starts on Friday (14) in Brazil (Image: Prostock-studio/Envato Elements)

According to the Minister, Coronavac can be considered for childhood immunization, if approved by Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency): “All vaccines approved by Anvisa can be considered for the operationalization plan of vaccination against covid-19. If Anvisa approves, the ministry will see the approval conditions and release the immunizing agent for the Brazilian population”. pointed.

However, the initial position of the Ministry of Health was to demand a prescription for children to have access to the vaccine. The ministry conducted a public consultation on the subject, but the majority vote was precisely to avoid this requirement.

Source: UOL

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