Primeira criança é vacinada contra a Covid-19

The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, did not like the event held in São Paulo for the vaccination of the first child in the country against Covid-19. He used his Twitter account to attack the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), who organized the event to, once again, oppose President Jair Bolsonaro, who is against the immunization of the population aged between 5 and 11 years.

“Politician João Doria underestimates the population. He has the vaccines from the federal government and the Brazilian people in his hands making a stand. Do you think this will get you out of the 3%. Give up! Your marketing will not change the face of your management. The people of São Paulo deserve someone better”, shouted the minister.

Queiroga had authorization from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) since December 16 to vaccinate children. But instead of rushing to start the process, he preferred to conduct a public consultation on the subject – criticized by a number of experts for its irrelevance.

The minister also has a boss who was against the process: Bolsonaro cast doubt on the ineffectiveness of childhood immunization, said that the number of child deaths caused by Covid-19 (more than 300) did not justify vaccination and even pointed to alleged “ risks” that the procedure would bring. That way, he didn’t have the chance to be in the picture at the time of the first immunization.

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