Queiroz interview was negative to Bolsonaro family

the columnist of UOL Juliana Dal Piva told Fabíola Cidral on UOL News this morning that the interview that Fabrício Queiroz, former advisor to senator Flávio Bolsonaro (Patriota-RJ), gave yesterday to SBT it was seen as a “big surprise” in the government base. Queiroz was arrested in June last year, after being found in the office of Frederick Wassef, a lawyer for the Bolsonaro family, in Atibaia (SP). In the interview, the former advisor said he was at the scene after being threatened with death

According to the journalist, allies of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) classified the speech of the retired military policeman as a problem facing the current moment of investigation into the case of the “cracks”.

On the 9th, the STJ (Superior Court of Justice) annulled all the precautionary measures that allowed the collection of evidence against Flávio Bolsonaro in the investigation conducted by the MPRJ (Rio de Janeiro Public Ministry), which began in November 2019. the investigation of the case returns only to the evidence that it had before the senator’s breach of confidentiality.

“It was a moment evaluated as positive for senator Flávio Bolsonaro. We didn’t want to mess with this subject. And then this interview, which is full of holes, doesn’t explain several things, leaves this feeling of problem, that this problem comes back to the fore” , said Dal Piva.

This death threat, as he reports… Queiroz never registered a report on the occurrence of a threat, he never communicated to the Public Ministry that he was at risk. There is no backlash to the version that he went there because of a threat.
Juliana Dal Piva

‘Combined speech’

Dal Piva recalled that, at the time of Queiroz’s arrest, Wassef also justified asylum for the policeman in his office, speaking of a death threat. In yesterday’s interview, Flávio Bolsonaro’s former advisor said he could be a victim of “file burning.”

“It seems that this speech was combined. It is a very similar speech, and no one was there demanding that explanation from Queiroz at that time,” stated Dal Piva.

the columnist of UOL evaluates the interview as a “demanding of attention” by Queiroz in relation to the Bolsonaro family. She also mentioned the PM’s willingness to run for federal deputy in next year’s elections, as reported in June.

The journalist also saw a contradiction in Queiroz’s interview when she said that she did not know Wassef. She noted that, referring to the lawyer yesterday, the PM called him “Fred”.

Fred is the way the closest people there, who have a contact with Frederick Wassef, refer to him, call him Doctor Fred.
Juliana Dal Piva

The full interview is available at site of SBT.

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